The internets is pretty big these days. Last I heard there were over FOUR HUNDRED websites hyperlinked from Prodigy alone. And that doesn't even begin to cover the Compuserver and new upstart 'Merica On Lines. How can one person hope to keep up with everything that's going on in the internets? Well, I can help you read the internets each day in just 20 minutes time, thanks to my new Not Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle listing of bestest pages on the WWW, organized of course according to my hobbies, because what else would you do on the WWWs?
NAHUH? Internets Guide


Best Travel Websites Travel Directory

Big Boats

Fast Cars


Particle Accelerators

Large Hadron Collider Fermilab Tevatron Los Alamos SLAC Well, that's it. You can pretty much assume everything else posted on the webs today was pr0n, as usual. See you on the BBS!

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